7 Free Instagram Marketing Tips for Surviving the Coronavirus

Although it may seem like a bad time to promote your businesses services or products on Instagram right now, with the coronavirus cases just starting to peak recently in the U.S and other countries around the world, such as Italy, you still need to keep marketing your business, to help put food on the table, a roof over your head, and keep your brand top of mind for your key target audience so they will know who to turn to when the virus slows down. Here’s 7 free Instagram marketing tips to increase brand awareness and leads during the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Post more inspirational quotes about love, selflessness, and compassion for other humans. Always remember when posting quotes to make sure the graphics are high quality and optimal size format (at least 1050px x 1050px) or they won’t look professional. And also that your quote graphics include a very engaging photo relevant to your target audience in the background to increase engagement and grow Instagram followers. For instance, if you are a nutritionist you could post a quote about the benefits of eating healthy.

2. Create more Instagram content and especially Instagram stories, such as videos, since more people are currently off from work right now and a lot of Instagram users view Instagram stories on a daily basis. In fact, according to Instagram over 500 million users used Instagram stories as of January 25th, 2020 and there are over 1 billion Instagram users, including about 121 million users from the U.S. (as of December 2019)

3. Post facts and prevention tips about the coronavirus to Instagram stories and your Instagram feed. I would keep these posts to a minimum if you are a business owner who is being directly affected by the coronavirus, since all it will do is scare away your customers and make you look very pessimistic. That said, it is still crucial to show that you care about keeping your clients, employees, and local community members safe and healthy during such a difficult time.

4. Post funny videos, quotes or memes related to your target audience. However, right now I would strongly recommend avoid posting anything directly related to the coronavirus, due to the significant rise in global COVID-19 cases and deaths.

5. Post Instagram stories videos and regular Instagram post videos including highly valuable tips for people in your core target audience. For instance, if you are a personal trainer, you could post a video showing some of your latest at home workouts you have been doing during the coronavirus outbreak, such as Canadian and recent 2019 Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion, Chris Bumstead’s at home workout videos he posted recently, where he’s lifting his couch and luggage instead of going to the gym, which received about 211k likes and over 7,000 comments! Also make sure to post your longer (higher quality) content to IGTV, since these videos will reach a significantly larger audience, which could help them land up on the Explore page and increase your followers.

Source: Chris Bumstead (@cbum on Instagram)

6. Make sure to use a good mix of less commonly used, moderately used, and more popular highly relevant hashtags related to your business and industry to increase post reach, since it is much harder to outrank an Instagram account who has 5 million more followers than you for the same hashtag, such as #FitnessMotivation, which has about 79 million posts alone! Instead you could use a less popular hashtag, such as #FitnessTips, which has 1.5 million posts and then if it’s a more specific target audience, such as women, you could throw in an additional niche hashtag, such as, #FitnessTipsForWomen, which just has around 1000 posts. In addition, you can track and research popular hashtag’s using popular Instagram hashtag research and tracking services, such as Hashtastic.

7. Lastly although it is definitely a more difficult time to be promoting your services or products on Instagram, there is still going to be people on Instagram interested in buying your services or products, so don’t be afraid to continue to market your services and products by providing information about the services and/or products you sell. Just remember to provide value first, rather than wasting 90% of your time posting promotional posts about the services or products you offer. A much more effective strategy would be to spend 30-40% of your time on promotional posts and the other 60-70% on educational, edutaining, and inspirational content. For instance, one of my Instagram marketing clients is Joshua Atsriku, a 2x Canadian bodybuilding champion and nutrition coach based in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area who was struggling to get much Instagram engagement or followers, due to a lack of new content, such as professional photos, so we started posting nutrition tips for Instagram stories twice a week in early March, and also posted them to IGTV and his followers, engagement, and profile views have gone up significantly, including about 60 followers so far in the past three and a half weeks compared to -4 followers last month. To check out Josh’s latest nutrition tips videos on Instagram you can check him out @joshua.a.builder.

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