Google Ads Management London Ontario

With over 5 years Google Ads management experience for a wide variety of businesses throughout North America, including: e-commerce, marketing agencies, and professional contractors, you can relax knowing you are in excellent hands when hiring our digital marketing agency to help manage your Google ads. 

What is Google Ads and Does My Business Really Need It ?

Google Ads, also known previously as Google AdWords or PPC (pay-per-click) Google advertising involves the paid promotion of businesses on Google search, and also on the Google display network of websites using text and display ads on websites, which are relevant to what is being advertised by your company. Yes, in fact Google Ads is extremely useful for generating increased brand awareness, leads, and sales for your business, since Google is used by billions of people and 93% of people looking for products or services online first go on search engines, such as Google. In addition, it is important that your Google ad ranks near the top of the first page of Google, since 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results. 

What are the Benefits of a Google Ads Campaign?

The benefits of Google Ads campaigns are virtually limitless. For starters, highly sophisticated online advertising platforms, such as Google Ads allow you to laser target specific areas of your country and the people in your target audience by age, gender, and interests using keywords. Leading to highly qualified traffic visiting your businesses website that’s actually looking to purchase the products or services that you offer. You will also gain instant visibility, and complete control over your ad costs and positioning. As well as the ability to see a rapid return on investment and track your investment through Google Ads conversion tracking pixels. As well as the ability to accurately test and analyze the results of your Google Ads campaigns using Google Ads built in reports. And lastly you can see exactly within your Google Ads campaigns which keywords and phrases are getting the best results based on what people are searching and clicking on your ad for, and then immediately make changes to your campaigns to improve your ad campaign performance.

Why Hire a Professional Google Ads Agency?

Saves Time

Why waste valuable time on trying to set up and manage your Google ad campaigns when you can hire a professional with much more experience to help generate more revenue from your ads?

Saves Money

By hiring a professional digital advertising agency, rather than trying run your businesses Google ads campaigns you will save lots of money, by focusing on more important aspects of your business, such as landing new clients.

Professional Experience

With over 5 years Google Ads management experience for small to medium businesses from across North America we are very good at increasing your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for Google Ads campaigns.

Affordable Pricing

We are happy to provide some of the most affordable Google Ads management packages in London, Ontario, and North America.

Happy Clients

Andrea Foster
Andrea Foster
Travel Around Jamaica Tours
I have used Zach to do my SEO and SMO for over 5 years now and I am absolutely pleased with the professionalism and interest he has in his work. He is always easy to contact and makes very good suggestions in improving our business. I would definitely continue using this company as I have seen marked improvement in our business...thank you so very much!
Josh Gwin
Josh Gwin
Redline Digital Consulting
Zach is a total professional when it comes to social media marketing and SEO. I've worked with him for over five years now and he always over delivers. I highly recommend him!
Matt Gartner
Matt Gartner
Active Marketing Results
My go-to for social media management and social advertising. Very professional, and very good at what they do. They always over-deliver on promises and really make sure we're clear on every step of the process.

Google Ads Management Packages

Google Ads Boost

  • Management of up to 3 Google Ads campaigns
  • Set up of Google Analytics conversion tracking goals
  • Custom Monthly Google Ads Reports

Google Ads Stealth

  • Management of up to 6 Google Ads campaigns
  • Set up of Google Analytics conversion tracking goals
  • Custom Monthly Google Ads Reports

Google Ads Rocket

  • Management of up to 10 Google Ads campaigns
  • Set up of Google Analytics conversion tracking goals
  • Custom Monthly Google Ads Reports