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Looking for affordable SEO in London, Ontario? We have 7 years professional SEO experience for numerous small to medium businesses in London, Ontario, and beyond, including providing professional SEO management, set-up, and consulting services for many U.S. and Canadian businesses within a variety of industries, such as general contractors, real estate, automotive, e-commerce, travel, restaurants, and financial services. 

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What is SEO?

SEO involves the marketing of a company’s main keywords (branded and non-branded) on the main search engines, such as Google by optimizing them to rank better among their industry competitors, so that your company can generate greater organic traffic, leads, and sales as a result of it’s search engine optimization work. For instance, say I want to look for luxury real estate in North London, Ontario, I would most likely type into Google one of the following key phrases, such as “luxury homes for sale North London” or “luxury real estate North London”. And then the most popular and relevant search results will show up on the first page of Google (see screenshot below) Along with the paid Google Ads above and below the organic SEO results (only organic SEO results shown below) 

In order to get your website to rank among the top SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listings you will need to do the following three key things:

1. Optimize Your Website’s Meta-Tags, such as meta-titles (i.e. page titles) and Meta-Descriptions (page descriptions) so that Google’s algorithm will be able to find your website’s pages with the keywords that you want to rank for.

2. On Page SEO. Need to also optimize your website’s relevant page(s) for the keyword(s) that you want to rank highly for (at least two to three instances of the keyword should be included in the page copy)

3. Create Backlinks. Create relevant and authoritative back-links (i.e. external links) to websites, such as blogs, government directories, and local, regional, and national business listing sites, which will help significantly increase the keyword rankings for your site.

However, keep in mind that these are just three of the main areas of SEO that you should focus on, and always to remember not to over optimize your site or you might get penalized by Google (either by Google dropping your keyword rankings or by actually getting a manual penalty, which you will only be able to find out for sure (unless you are an SEO expert) if you have a Google Search Console account. That said, manual SEO penalties rarely occur unless your SEO manager has taken part in some very unethical SEO practices, such as Cloaking, linking to a bunch of sketchy link-farm websites, etc.

In today’s ultra modern, smartphone-obsessed world, SEO is one of the most crucial digital marketing methods to help generate cost effective online leads and sales for all sized businesses, and especially small local businesses. In fact, according to Hubspot, 88% of consumers who do a search for a local business will either call or visit that business within a day. Moreover, 46% of all Google searches are from people seeking local information.

Why Hire Our London Ontario SEO Agency?

Saves Time

Why waste valuable time on trying to learn SEO when you can hire a professional local London, Ontario SEO agency?

SEO Experts

With 7 years SEO experience for numerous small to medium businesses from across North America, we are very experienced at optimizing websites to rank above your business industry competitors.

Reduces Stress

By hiring a professional SEO agency, rather than an inexperienced SEO freelancer, intern or employee you will not only save money, but also enjoy having less stress, not having to worry about whether your current SEO strategies are working effectively to generate more leads for your business.

Google Analytics

We are Google Analytics certified, so we know how to properly analyze your website's organic search traffic to generate the highest rankings on Google for your most profitable keywords.

SEO Services London Ontario

SEO Set-Up

Regardless of what Content Management System your website runs on, such as WordPress or Shopify, we have you covered.

SEO Management

Looking for a professional SEO agency to manage your SEO? Check out our SEO Management packages below to learn more.

SEO Consulting

We also offer monthly SEO consulting services to help boost your current organic keyword rankings, traffic, and leads.

SEO Audits

We provide basic (Free) SEO audits or more detailed paid SEO audits and SEO management plans. Contact us Today to set up a free SEO consultation.

Happy Clients

Andrea Foster
Andrea Foster
Travel Around Jamaica Tours
I have used Zach to do my SEO and SMO for over 6 years and I am absolutely pleased with the professionalism and interest he has in his work. He is always easy to contact and makes very good suggestions in improving our business. I would definitely continue using this company as I have seen marked improvement in our business. Thank you so very much!
Matt Lawless
Matt Lawless
Safe Home Fireplace, Inc.
I've had the pleasure to be working with Zach at Renaissance Digital Marketing for two years now and I must say I am quite pleased with his services. I've had much better SEO results with this company than any other over the 10 years of my business' online presence.
Josh Gwin
Josh Gwin
Redline Digital Consulting
Zach is a total professional when it comes to social media marketing and SEO. I've worked with him for over five years now and he always over delivers. I highly recommend him!

SEO Management Packages

SEO Boost

  • SEO Set-up ($500 value!)
  • Optimization of up to 25 keywords
  • On-Page Content Optimization
  • Back-linking
  • Weekly SEO Rankings Reports
  • Custom Monthly SEO Report
  • One 500-750 word blogs

SEO Stealth

  • SEO Set-up ($500 value!)
  • Optimization of up to 50 keywords
  • On-Page Content Optimization
  • Back-linking
  • Weekly SEO Rankings Reports
  • Custom Monthly SEO Report
  • Two (500-750 word blogs

SEO Rocket

  • SEO Set-up ($500 value!)
  • Optimization of up to 75 keywords
  • On-Page Content Optimization
  • Back-linking
  • Weekly SEO Rankings Reports
  • Custom Monthly SEO Report
  • Up to Four (500-750 word blogs